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All Makes 4X4

All Makes 4X4

For over 30 years, Allmakes 4×4 has been supplying high quality Land Rover parts and accessories to parts businesses, workshops, Government Organisations, Charities and NGO’s across the world.

Originally known as Allmakes, a name relating to the vision of the company’s founding Director, Peter Hands, the company now known as Allmakes 4×4 has grown into one of the most recognised suppliers for Land Rover parts in existence.

The company was started in 1977 in a room no bigger than a Land Rover 90 in the Directors house in Oxford. Originally the company focussed on supplying parts for Land Rovers, Trucks and Buses, even supplying parts at one stage to Routemaster. However it was the Export Business that really took off and within months, a larger office had been secured on Milton Trading Estate in a town just south of Oxford called Abingdon. This is the place where Allmakes 4×4 still resides to this day, although the estate is now simply known as Milton Park.

There is so much more to say about Allmakes 4×4. We hope you can find what you are looking for in this site. If you cannot then please contact us.

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