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What is meant by the terms, genuine, OEM and replacement parts?

Genuine parts are supplied by Land Rover and labelled and/or packaged with Land Rover markings. These parts have passed Land Rovers quality standards and are their official part.

OEM parts or “original equipment manufacturer” parts are made and branded by the manufacturer which supplied the parts fitted by Land Rover. Various parts used in the construction of Land Rovers have been supplied by a large number of reputable auto part manufacturers and in many cases these parts are available independently of Land Rover. They are usually identical to the original Land Rover part.

Replacement parts, which are often referred to as “aftermarket parts”, are made by manufacturers unrelated to Land Rover. They are made as lower price alternatives and the quality of such parts varies widely. In some cases the parts are manufactured by reputable companies and the quality is similar to the original part while in other cases they are mass produced by low cost manufacturers and may be of dubious quality. However, because of modern manufacturing methods, some of these aftermarket parts can even be superior to those originally used in older vehicles.